Catalytic Converter Recycling

Wholesale Customers ONLY!


Toll Refining

We work to ensure our cutomers time is effeciently spent by completeing the task of material sorting and inventory for them. We deal in large volume as well as lots as small as 1000 pieces.

Ceramic & Foils

In the Catalytic Converter world, Metal foils have always an important part and they make up a large portion of our business. We offer pricing by the pound, as well as by the piece. We also offer lot refining.

O2 Sensors

We offer the most competitive pricing from small quantities to mass volume lots of O2 Sensors. There is added value in recycling the smallest, sometimes forgotten part of the exhaust system.

We buy scrapped catalytic converters, by the pound from Wholesale Customers ONLY!

Scrap Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converters

Our specialty is catalytic converter recycling, and we love to share the experiance with our customers. By keeping our customers informed, we become a stronger force in the buying market. We offer a variety of ways to purchase your catalytic converters from single pieces to full semi loads.

Let us help you maintain a return on your investment in rare metals today!

About IC Global

With over 20 years combined experience in the catalytic converter industry. We do business with domestic and foreign wholesale customers ONLY!.

  • IC Global is a small minority women owned business
  • IC Global provides the converter recycling industry a bastion of integrity and transparency. We have found that dealing with customers open an honestly is the best path to successful long term relationships.
  • We offer an automated grading system for the purchase of scrap catalytic converters.

About Our Staff

IC Global has been able to put together a high performance team whose talents have combined experience of more than 20 years in the areas of engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, finance and high level corporate management.

We buy scrappedcatalytic converters , by the piece or by the pound.


scrap catalytic converter
IC Global’s mission is to be the most efficient converter recycler delivering the highest quality and grade of Platinum Group Metals every day.